Azithral is a brand belonging to the category of antibiotics called macrolides. It was the first Azithromycin brand to be introduced in the Indian Pharma industry in 1994. Ever since its launch Azithral has always been on the forefront in terms of scientific promotion, information dissemination & range expansion to cater to the needs of different age groups. Azithral established itself as a brand leader since the launch & has remained so till date in a large 303 Cr market which is crowded with 150 brands.

Scientific Facts

Azithromycin belongs to a group of antibiotics called macrolides which are basically used to kill bacteria that cause infections of the respiratory tract (ear, nose, throat & lungs), the GI tract ( Intestine & stomach), Skin & skin structures ( Acne or pimples) & Sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to this Azithromycin has been found effective in resistant cases of Malaria & Typhoid fever.

  • Azithromycin has a unique feature of entering into the cells that protect the body against bacteria called WBC’s thereby helps to eradicate a class of bacteria called atypical bacteria causing infections. This feature is unique because it is not demonstrated by other antibiotic groups like Cephalosporin’s, Quinolones etc which are also used to fight infections. Another advantage of this feature is that Azithromycin reaches the sight of infection in larger quantity thus ensuring better eradication of bacteria.

  • Azithromycin is absorbed by certain cellular structures in the body which stores it & releases the drug at the site of infection after the completion of the dosage schedule. This property is unique only to this antibiotic thereby giving it a unique dosage schedule. Only 1 tablet a day only for 3 days vis-à-vis other antibiotics which are used once/twice/thrice daily for 5 – 7 days. Therefore it is a tissue directed antibiotic. This feature also ensures that Azithromycin remains in infected tissues longer.

  • The combined effect of the above two points ensures that Azithromycin resolves Infections faster & more completely

Brand Attributes

  • Brand Leader
  • Differential manufacturing process NAG technology – Premium quality due to minimal moisture content, minimum unknown impurities, consistent bio-availability & consistent results
  • Widest range to cater to all age groups
  • Brand from house of Macrolides
  • Trustworthy – Consistent success
  • Good brand recall
  • Scientific image

Non-Aqueous Granulation (NAG) Technology

Azithral has always been perceived as a trustworthy brand due to the differential quality it offers. This is because of the unique process of manufacturing through NAG (Non Aqueous Granulation) technology. The process involves usage of a solvent to extract Azithromycin thereby offering various advantages in the finished product like

  • Least moisture content
  • 99% dissolution in just 15 minutes of ingestion
  • Least unknown impurities.
All these attributes assure consistent results on patients whenever Azithral is prescribed.

Thixo Taste Technology of Azithral Liquid

To further add a feather in the cap of Azithral we upgraded the taste of Azithral Liquid formulation through a unique Thixotaste technology which provided two major benefits to the patients like

  • Masking of bitter taste
  • Accurate dosing due to homogenous suspension.
Every granules of Azithromycin is coated with unique excipient which dissolves in stomach.
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